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Marketing to Seniors

Until recently, the senior market had little interest for marketers because of misconceptions. Senior citizens were ridiculously mischaracterized as eating dog food and living off paltry sums or as "old bats," demanding "where's the beef?" Now, marketers understand the facts about marketing to seniors:

  • Seniors save more than younger segments and have discretionary income
  • They control 60% of US assets
  • People age 65+ have larger retirement accounts and investment portfolios larger than younger people
  • Retirees have more time to direct marketing messages.

In short, the senior market is a goldmine and one that we have been researching and documenting since 1985. Marketing to seniors produces the best return per marketing dollar.

Effective senior marketing requires understanding senior psychology. And with that increased understanding, real estate developers realize the huge profits to be made in senior housing and insurance companies see the riches from senior health insurance and long-term care insurance. Note that the senior market single-handedly supports the fixed annuity industry and the senior settlement industry. Life insurers, once focused on traditional cash value life insurance for families now realize where the growth and profits lay—in marketing to seniors. Electronic marketers have also come around. Common wisdom was that seniors were not technology savvy. Au contraire. The Pew Internet survey shows that one segment of seniors are heavy Internet users-the 4 million seniors with the greatest net worth and education—exactly the market that financial institutions and financial advisors want to reach. To ignore e-mail marketing, web site marketing in favor of direct mail or other traditional modes is a mistake. Gain value from the resources in this site to better understand retired people, senior marketing, senior advertising and retiree buying psychology.

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